Heyyy love! My name is Trinna McIntosh.

 Business coach for you! And if you’re anything like me, you’ve known since the day you were born that you were made for greatness.

I started my business because I craved MORE! I had already created a very successful life in corporate America, but was pinned to my laptop all day.  

I wanted that life of freedom, where I could travel the world, attend yoga at 10 am, attend that midnight movie on a Tuesday, and fully support my someday family.

And I want that for you too!


Imagine this...

You’ve built a business that you love

Money comes easily for you

You feel confident in your steps

You are living your life purpose

Life is so good, you question if it’s even real


This can sooo be your reality,
but there is just one problem:


✓  You’re not sure where to start
✓  You tried the DIY thing and made little to no progress
✓  The thought of doing “all the things” overwhelms you to the point of doing nothing at all
✓  You know you were meant for greatness, but can’t seem to push forward
✓  You’ve found success through hard work in the past, but it’s just not working this time
✓  You’re afraid you’ll get burnt out before you reach your idea of success
✓  You’re always so hard on yourself when your plans don’t go according to schedule
✓  You’re starting to think that success just isn’t achievable for you
 You’re not showing up for yourself

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